Spanish Immersion School

What makes us different

CEI Preschool (Spanish Immersion School) opens the doors to those who want their children to embark on an adventure in the beautiful world of the Spanish language by interacting with various activities that will help to develop preschool skills.

This program offers learning through experience in a fun way, and interacting with different learning centers such as art, science, math, language and much more. These activities are designed to maintain interest in Spanish by becoming involved in the language by singing, dancing, playing, building and experiencing things unknown in science …

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“Children see magic because they look for it. This daycare helps provide that for them!”

Lenora Christensen, Veterinary Nurse

“They don’t handicap your children by making it easy. They strive to help them for themselves”

Martha Childs, Accountant

“I love how excited my daughter is about going to preschool everyday and how welcoming and caring everyone at CEI preschool is.”

Patricia Vega, Mother

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