What Makes Us Different

CEI Preschool (Spanish Immersion School) opens the doors to those who want their children to embark on an adventure in the beautiful world of the Spanish language by interacting with various activities that will help to develop preschool skills.

This program offers learning through experience in a fun way, and interacting with different learning centers such as art, science, math, language and much more. These activities are designed to maintain interest in Spanish by becoming involved in the language by singing, dancing, playing, building and experiencing things unknown in science.

Through social interactions and hands-on activities, children will acquire Spanish language skills in a natural way. Additionally, while exercising their observation and problem solving skills, they will learn to apply these newly acquired language skills in new ways and different situations.

Children will also learn about values through role-play and companionship with children and teachers. This gives them the opportunity to develop character and grow in the way that they interact with others.

Research shows bilingual children often have higher reading, math, emotional, and analytical skills, and are better multi-taskers. In order to give children every possible advantage as they move on to elementary school and beyond, all of our classes are taught in Spanish by qualified teachers. All of us at CEI Preschool look forward to preparing the next generation to be as successful as they can be.